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  • VFi Technology Sdn Bhd (VFi), established in 2016, develops an easier and more convenient internet trading platform for South East Asia users
  • VFi also help customers manage time and money by providing them the right products to keep their facilities up & running
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The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near the Earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.

VFI Technology Sdn.Bhd develop GPS tracking is for Monitoring & Positioning, Speed limiting , Historical track and mileage report. Our GPS tracking system is suitable for :-

  • Bus Travel
  • Lorry
  • Delivery Vehicles
  • Car Rental
  • Personal car

The WiFi System is a technology for wireless local area networking with devices based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance, which restricts the use of the term Wi-Fi Certified to products that successfully complete interoperability certification testing.

VFI Technology Sdn.Bhd develop WiFi system is for :-

  • Provide WiFi services
  • Support advertisement before login
  • Management system
  • Automatically login to membership system

The E-ticketing System has largely replaced the older multi-layered paper ticketing systems, and since 1 June 2008, it has been mandatory for IATA members.

VFI Technology Sdn.Bhd develop WiFi  system is for :-

  • Provide WiFi services
  • Support advertisement before login
  • Management system
  • Automatically login to membership system

Vehicle Management System (VMS) is a system that providing management functions which allows transport companies to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicles owned by the companies.

This system was accomplish some purpose. VMS is an online software application which fulfills the requirement of a typical management of details of vehicles, Transport Categories, Routes and the requests for transport from the customers

Status : On progress

  • IT Solution 100%
  • App Developer 100%
  • Custom Website Design 100%

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